BEFORE SUNRISE ( Illustration in magazine ,July 2015, hard pastel and color pencil on paper)

I am both the writer and illustrator of this column published in a day magazine, the magazine about design and inspiration in Thailand. The content is a fantasy short story that tells about the dark, sorrow and strange dream which is actually related to my problems real life and it leads to a twist and unexpected ending.


Concept brainstorm and analysis
Reference of mood and tone
surreal, mournful and delicate painting like Alice Wellinger and Jimmy Liao's art work
100% black pastel
I try to use hard pastel colour that can perfectly give diffuse and soft texture.But using 100% black is too aggressive.
pastel colors
The conclusion is using some pale and dark colors for the whole picture and add some bright colors as a spotlight.
At the same time, I try to use the watercolor but it can be clearly seen that it is not as delicate as the pastel.
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2015 © Peeticha Kongrit

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