Playper Chef (Thesis Project, April 2013, stamping and digital painting)

The objective of this project is to use art as a tool to enhance child development (4-6 years) in four areas : physical, intellectual, social and emotional. The method is to encourage the children to play cooking food by stamp the ingredient on the prepared cards following the cooking manual step by step. Playing this stamp kit is not only fun but also makes the children learn about food preparation which is the crucial skill for them in the future.



Design Concept :
Art, Cooking and family relationship
Mood Board
Experiment with target group
Three things that I found is 1.most children don't understand the complex cooking process
2. They like to copy the picture in the manual book
3. But they also love to create something new and think out of the box
Logo sketch
Logo final design
Technique experiment
Unused Illustration
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